Lakshman Baba – who is he?

Laksman Baba was born in Vrindavan, and lives there. Vrindavan is the most sacred place in India. Laksman Baba was born in an old Brahmins’ family. He is famous all over the world.

Laksman Baba knows ancient secrets of performing sacred rituals (yagyas, pujas) for prosperity and spiritual growth.

There are many testimonies of people who asked him for help with solving serious problems.

Vedic yagyas and pujas

Yagyas are ancient time-tested rituals, which the Vedas recommend for solving impasse situations. It’s a separate science, which has to be studied for many years, and Laksman Baba got this knowledge from his ancestors.

Yagyas description:

Ягья Шиве

Shiva Yagya (one of the God’s forms):

  • helps to gain success in spiritual life, new plans and aims
  • gives satisfaction, peace, serenity, mind conciliation
  • removes obstacles in creating a family
  • harmonize Saturn and Moon influence in horoscope and their unfavourable periods
  • helps to purify from negative karmic reactions and gives new strengths, energy and defense
  • helps health recovery, prevents different illnesses and protects from accidents.

Cost: $200 

Shiva Yagya

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Ягья Хануману

Hanuman Yagya (one of the God’s forms – the unity of Vishnu and Shiva):

  • protects mental health
  • fends black magic and other unfavourable impacts
  • protects from subtle spirits, such as evil spirits, ghosts and others
  • gives an opportunity to prevent obstacles, problems and difficulties in material life
  • clears your house and living space from negative energy
  • moderates and harmonize negative planets’ impact, especially Saturn’s one during Sade-sati period

Cost: $200

Hanuman Yagya

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ягья лакшми

Lakshmi Yagya (Vishnu’s spouse, the Goddess of Prosperity):

  • brings love, prosperity and wealth. Everybody wants private and material happiness, and you can get it if you ask Lakshmi for help
  • improves family life and relationship and protects from conflicts and quarrels
  • helps to overcome poverty and hardship, gained because of karmic actions
  • helps women to become beautiful, charming, attractive and acquire feminine qualities

Cost: $200

Lakshmi Yagya

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питри ягья

Pitry Yagya (ancestors worship ceremony):

If a relative or close person has passed away, you can help the soul to gain peace, happiness and even a better future rebirth. With the help of Shradha ceremony (ancestors commemorating ritual) you can neutralize worries, fears, which maybe your loved one’s soul has met

Cost: $200

Pitry Yagya

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пуджа для зачатия ребенка

Special ritual of inviting a devout child into your family:

Performing this puja helps to invite a devout soul into your family, who will bring luck and harmony to your family.

Cost: $200

Special ritual of inviting a devout child into your family

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Supporting saints, sadhus, cows of Vrindavan and people in need

Laksman Baba regularly feeds saints, sadhus and common people. Anyone can join him.

Also, Laksman Baba supports goshala (a cowshed). Indian cows lives in severe conditions because of the hot climate, that is why it is a very hard work to keep them. Taking care of cows, especially in sacred places, is a godly activity. The Vedas says that such an activity satisfies the God.

Video report on charity activities


Shastras recommend taking part in godly activity, such as donating for good deeds and projects. The money donated to a devotee of the God, to building a temple, to  spreading knowledge, guarantee well-off being in future lives. The Scriptures say that if you regularly donate and perform good deeds, the karmic consequences are neutralized.

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